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Kelly, hailing from the Netherlands, embodies the spirit of outdoor adventure. A dedicated full-time traveler since May 2017, she has been curating experiences that speak of daring endeavors and thrilling exploits. Her adventures range from embracing the nomadic life in a campervan in Australia, challenging herself to a grueling 3,000 km bike tour in the untamed expanses of Iceland, and bravely enduring a six-month sojourn in temperatures plummeting to -35 degrees Celsius.

She has cycled the entire circumference of Ireland, walked more than 500 km across the diverse terrains of the Canary Islands, and undertook an unforgettable bike touring trip to the North Cape, crossing the wild beauty of Sweden, while wild camping along the way. With each adventure, her quest for challenging herself has only grown, and her list of conquered endeavors continues to expand.

Kelly isn’t driven by the notion of tallying countries on a map. Rather, she believes in the transformative power of experiences. Each memory, each tale of adventure, far outweighs the significance of an additional stamp on her passport. For Kelly, the true essence of travel lies not in counting countries but in collecting a wealth of indelible memories and experiences.

Countries Visited Before Traveling Full Time

  • England
  • France
  • Gambia
  • Germany
  • Greece

I built houses for local people in Malawi (Africa) and really this experience changed my life forever.

Countries Visited together Always Around The World 1.0

Always Around The World 2.0

I am determined to take Always Around The World to the next level by incorporating a stronger focus on injury prevention, training, nutrition, and long-distance hikes, among other pertinent topics. This passion has driven me to complete extensive studies and partner with esteemed nutritionists, personal trainers, and mindset coaches. My mission is to delve deeper, bringing you valuable insights and enriching content, ensuring that you are able to fully maximize your adventure experiences. This rejuvenated vision is all about enhancing your preparation, boosting your performance, and revolutionizing the way you engage with outdoor adventures. Be ready for an empowering journey to optimize your adventures like never before!

Me before 2017 in some shots

What to expect

Hi you!

Greetings! I am Kelly, the proud founder of Always Around The World, and I am delighted to introduce myself.

My passion orbits around a multitude of outdoor activities – Bike Touring, Arctic Expeditions, Long-Distance Hikes, Backpacking, Volunteering, Mountaineering, Pack Rafting, Canoe Trips, Winter sports, and much more. These are not just hobbies but life forces that have shaped my character and fueled my spirit.

More than just an adventure enthusiast, I bring to the table expertise in training both the body and mind for optimizing the outdoor activity experience. I emphasize injury prevention and ensure that every adventure is a safe and enjoyable one. Since embarking on my full-time traveling journey in 2017, I have developed a keen interest in nutrition and its vital role in enhancing performance and maintaining wellbeing during rigorous activities.

An integral part of my adventurous spirit involves seeking out new challenges, exploring uncharted territories, and experimenting with innovative outdoor gear. That’s just quintessential me – continually growing, learning, and thirsting for the next great outdoor adventure!

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